Transfer from Poznań to Będlewo

The organizers will arrange mini-bus service to transfer participants from Poznań airport and Poznań railway station to Będlewo on July 1 and for the way back at the end of the conference. We will try to adopt time of departures of the mini-buses to your time of arrival but we apologize that sometimes waiting for a while will be unavoidable.

Please inform us about your precise time of arrival (flight number, train from, etc.) at most three weeks before the conference!

Schedule of mini-buses (and places where you will find them) will be described in the message sent one week before conference. The distance from Poznań railway station to Będlewo is about 25 km.

Travel by plane

Directly to Poznań airport

Poznań has a small international airport with many flights from Warsaw and from large airports abroad (Munich, Copenhagen, Frankfurt/Main, Zurych, London-Stansted). The complete schedule of international flights to/from Poznań you can find at

The schedule of Polish Airlines LOT (including all flights from Warsaw to Poznań and back) you will find at

Using this data you can make some suggestions to your travel agent.

Warsaw Chopin Airport

You can arrive via Warsaw Chopin Airport which has connections with all major airports in Europe and many in USA and Canada. Then to reach Poznań you can either fly or take a train. Please note that the national polish airlines LOT (flying from Warsaw and Poznań) is now closely connected to Lufthansa and is a member of the Star Alliance, thus the flight ticket to Poznań might be quite convenient in case of Star Alliance tickets. If you continue to Poznań by air, you fly from the same airport; domestic terminal is next to the international one.

Warsaw airport — Railway station “Warszawa Centralna”

All the trains to Poznań leave from the Warsaw central station (“Warszawa Centralna”) and also stop at “Warszawa Zachodnia” (Warsaw west station), which is a bit closer to the airport. There are two ways to get from the Chopin Airport to Warszawa Centralna

From Warsaw to Poznań by train

Railway connections from Warsaw to Poznań are good. There are no reasonable connections during the night but during the day (on Sunday between 6.00 in the morning till 19.45 in the evening) nearly every hour there is either TLK, IC (low standard), or an EIC (high standard) train. Because of some track repairs, journey takes 3.5 – 4 hours. One can expect in most trains a restaurant car or/and mini-bar services in all cars. It is advisable to avoid non-direct connections. For detailed schedule use either (English) or (German) or (English). You can buy tickets online, at the railway stations or on the train — ticket bought on the train is more expensive and one cannot always use credit cards. EIC ticket 2nd class costs now (July 2017) around 140 PLN.

Berlin airport

There are two airports in Berlin: Tegel and Schoenefeld. The major international airport is Tegel – it has many connections to various cities.

From Berlin to Poznań by train

There are now four direct EC-trains per day from Berlin to Poznań. Travel takes approx. 2h 30 min. One can expect in each train a restaurant car and mini-bar services in all cars. It is advisable to avoid non-direct connections. For detailed schedule use either (English) or (German) or (English). Together with a ticket one has to buy a seat reservation — ticket bought on the train is more expensive.

Travel by train

Poznań has good train connections to Warsaw, Berlin and major cities in Poland. Coming from the western direction it is advisable to take a direct train from Berlin (see the note above).

For detailed schedule of all trains use either (English) or the German service also covering polish railway network (German) or (English).

Travel by car

To reach Będlewo from the west you can go via Świecko border crossing point and then directly to Poznań. From Świecko to Poznań one can travel with the new toll A2 highway till the Poznań-Komorniki interchange where one has to leave the highway in the direction of Wrocław. Afterwards one has to follow direction Wrocław and go approx. 25 km, 6 km after small city Stęszew there is a crossing point with direction Mosina to the left. Taking it one reaches Będlewo after 2 km. For a map see the conference center page (see link Location):

Speed limit in Poland is 90 kmph outside villages and 50 kmph inside.

Conference center in Będlewo has a parking area inside and the whole center is guarded.